The 420 group that you have been looking for to supply the vibes. This New York trio born and bred from The Bronx brings together traditional hardcore rhymes intertwined with smooth melodic sounds found in your favorite smoker anthems. Bringing an East Coast perspective in a genre populated primarily by the South and West Coast, The Joint Cheefs approach their music from a lyrical perspective while painting vivid pictures that are relatable to their cannabis-loving audience.

“We wanted the East Coast to have some representation in the stoner music lane. We wanted to  be introduced as a group that took lyricism seriously and not as just a gimmick.”


GeoTheRican, self proclaimed “Chief of the Cheefs” has been producing since his teens and engineering professionally for 10 years. In 2016, he took Sonny under his wing and passed down the knowledge. Every song is either recorded or mixed by Geo. His favorite strain is GMO nicely rolled in a Raw Black. Geo believes music and cannabis go hand in hand and that the same chemistry can be found in their music. 

Next we have Sonny Blue Note. Known as “The Veteran Cheef”, Sonny considers himself a verbal knock around guy with 26 years rapping under his belt. Favorite strain is forbidden fruit with a pinch of grabba.

Life is about enhancement, so why not enhance the senses. 

Rounding off the trio we have the Young Cheef Loudpack Ralph. As an aspiring grower he considers himself to be the best connoisseur among the group. His favorite strains range GMO and Peanut Butter Breath.

Since forming in late 2017, The Cheefs have released a litany of musical content around the love of Mary Jane. They began with a mixtape called PAY HIGHMAGE (DECEMBER 3, 2017), a collection of freestyles honoring the stoner rap legends that came before them. They followed up with their first album NEVER CANOE (APRIL 20, 2018), another mixtape PAY HIGHMAGE DOS (JULY 10, 2018), second album, J.A.R.S. (NOVEMBER 30, 2018), and their single CAVIAR in 2019. Later that year, they expanded their content with a visual series called “D.I.hYgh” on YouTube and The Weed Tube. The show portrays The Joint Cheefs watching D.I.Y. videos and their comedic attempts to recreate the video while medicated. 

2020 was no laughing matter but The Joint Cheefs knew the world needed a smoke break. On July 10th they released their third album CHEEF CAKE, showcasing their growth and versatility. The Joint Cheefs have performed live at venues throughout New York City spanning SOBs, The West End, Paper Box, and The Woods. They have also opened for well known acts such as Beanie Siegel. With more music and expansive content on the way, there’s no telling how high this unique group will elevate.