Title : Dolor magna nec
Release Date : July 10, 2020
Label :
Format : CD


During the middle of a global pandemic, The Joint Cheefs felt the world needed a smoke break. In July, they released their 3rd album CHEEF CAKE. Known for their nostalgic hip hop feel, The Joint Cheefs showcased their variety and versatility with this album, bridging the gap between fan bases. Songs like “PuffCo” and “Fried” bring an upbeat energy missing from previous projects while “Die A Stoner” and “Inhale Exhale” remind you why you like these guys in the first place.
  1. Cheef Cake ft Malcolm Sef
  2. Ropes
  3. Gas Station
  4. Papers N Fronto
  5. Fried
  6. Smoking on Camera
  7. Inhale Exhale
  8. PuffCo
  9. Light Up
  10. Paper Planes ft JoeSoBx
  11. Too Drunk
  12. Die A Stoner